Where did you find this guy?

1989 Fort Collins

1989, my daughter married a nice guy.
Being her father I ask “Where did you find this guy?”
I was so impressed with this young man
That I couldn’t stop asking,
“Where did you find this guy?”

Where did you find this guy who was in the Air Force?
This guy, a gentle, strong young man of honor.
A guy who loves you and your three sons,
Handsome with an engaging smile.
Though from Tennessee he’d lost his accent
In high school in L.A., or face the consequences.

This guy who would go to New Mexico
and blow up things, or rather do the count down.
Who would bring you to live with antelope and
Canada geese near Cheyenne,
With prairie dogs and burrowing owls in New Mexico
And with Stealth bombers and drones

“Where did you find this guy”, I asked again.
My daughter responds, “Well dad, he found me too!”

He found a young woman doing the impossible,
Miles from home with three sons, in college.
A young woman who knew quality in a man,
Because she had known men without it.

He found her looking for him, and somehow
They decided to marry, each other, while
Not knowing that they would have a daughter
Who would have a son, who would make all
That looking worthwhile.


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