My home on wheels

I liked living in a home on wheels
A home I could move from place to place
A home like a turtles back strong and
Something to retreat into, withdraw into.

When my home is on the road, it’s rolling
Me sitting in the drivers seat, CB on,
My friends and family riding down south
To school in Corvallis, Oregon State.

But this is the time of hitch hiking, remember
The Green Turtle? Free rides south to
The Bay Area? Like that only in Oregon
Unplanned stops in Portland filling the bus.

With kids in groups, avoiding the big dog
Under the table as they got on, rode
in the back, Jesus freaks in the far back,
Runaways in the middle, hippies in front.

Till they learn we are exiting towards Corvallis.
Panic sets in among the 23 passengers.
They don’t want all left off at the same exit.
A large group won’t be picked up.

So after Albany the blue bus named Buster stops at each underpass in the shade and each one Steps out to wait for the next ride.
The bus, lighter now, turns west.


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