NWMT Coya, year 2

The best thing I did on this trip was to bring five disposable cameras, and give them to teenagers from the village of Coya. I showed them how to take pictures and asked them to return the camera to me at the end of the week. After developing them, I sent copies back to Coya for the DelPrado’s to redistribute. I would have to say that Melvin’s pictures were the best.

Coya from mountain where Melvin took the picture. We were on the lower left of the plaza. Across the plaza was the Mayor’s office and to the right was a school with a swimming pool.

The interior was much improved from the dirt floors last year. The Peruvian workers had been busy. It took my breath away when we first entered. The shape of the Kausay Wasi Cllinic ( http://www.kausaywasi.org/) medical center was becoming real.

NWMT had shipped a shipping container full of medical supplies. There was so much we had to allocate one room as storage.

But there were also some uninvited supplies, namely Medical book in English and boxes and boxes of K-Y jelly. What use could we put that to?

So we applied K-Y jelly to the wire bundle we were trying to pull through the conduit to the surgery!

Melvin was able to capture the community much better than I could have. His candid shots of home life have amazed me.


Another teen’s pictures of her family.

Back at the work center, work was progressing. The Peruvian workers made do without the huge concrete pumps that Jeff sold at home. The loaded their five gallon buckets in the street from the cement mixer and ran up the stairs to pour the roof.


Modesto (center) and I became amigos. Here they rest from their concrete runs to sit for lunch.

Here is the ophthalmological microscope my family contributed to the center. Notice Gumby and Pokey were there to help, thanks to Beth, a med tech from Milwaukee, Oregon who helped me reassemble it in Peru.

Me hermano, the mayor.

We brought Simon a new wheel chair. This one he had had for 40 years and it had been repaired and repaired until it couldn’t be repaired any more. Simon worked as a cobbler in Coya. We were prepared with a fictional ruse to smuggle his new chair on the airplane, feigning injury on Beth’s part so we could get it to Peru. Surprisingly the airline accepted it at the gate and returned it to us in Lima. So much for deception.


Finally, we acted the tourist in Cusco. Here Guido’s nephew guided me through the market. (Go Beavers)

This BLOG in memory of Jeff Bidwell, may he rest in peace.


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