Civic Duty – on Superbowl Sunday

I don’t care what they say Superbowl Sunday is for watching the Patriots and Seahawks.

I don’t watch for the VERY expensive commercials or count the seats and multiply by hundreds of dollars.

I don’t listen to my son-in-law critique the plays or cheer the interceptions as I’m writing this poem.

I don’t listen to my wife scream along with him as someone messes up on a football play.


I’m nervous thinking I should be out doing my Civic Duty

My friend Cynthia challenged me to go out and do my Civic Duty

While Superbowl is on. I should be cleaning up the Van Buren Bridge

Like she did one year. I could do that. I could pick up trash.


My friend Jerome used to pick up trash on the 47th off ramp

From the Banfield Freeway. I could do that. I could pick up trash.

I was going to clean up trash left by homeless under the bridge

In the garden maintained by the Rotarians on Hwy 99W as

It goes into Corvallis near the Green Bridge. I could have done that.


Or I could give away Teal Green bracelets that say “Love, Hope, Faith”

To support those with ovarian cancer. My friend has ovarian cancer.

I could help her and the new Cancer Center up by Good Sam Hospital.

I could give out the bracelets and if people wanted to contribute

I could give out the flyers I prepared telling them how to give online.


But what’s the point. Why does it have to be on Superbowl Sunday?

Why couldn’t it be yesterday? I didn’t have much to do yesterday.

I went for a six mile bike ride into town to see if I could stop

Driving my car because my wife thinks I am unsafe at any speed.

Instead I could have given bags of food to the homeless.


My cousin Pamela carries food in her car and offers it

When she sees someone with a sign or someone homeless.

She also carries bags of dog food for any homeless dog she finds.

My cousin is an angel. Seriously, she is an angel.

I mean I did this for a while, till I stopped for no reason.


Now my grandson eats the trail mix, but didn’t like the tuna cracker snacks.

I mean the packaged cookies are all gone (not all eaten by my grandchildren)

I could go to the store and get some more supplies for the project

And fill up the shelves in the kitchen I use as a pantry

And put food in bags and get on my Aprilia scooter and do my civic duty.


But I’m the only one who feels he should be doing his civic duty,

Except for Cynthia. I wonder what she’s doing today.



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