Harry’s brother

I met Harry’s brother yesterday
Yapping happily along the riverfront
His companion pulling his trailer
With his ball inside

I stopped my bike on the promenade
To watch the beast I saw in my rear view mirror
Sure enough it was a long haired dachshund
His coat a long mix of black and tan
Having a Hell of a good time off leash

It was here that I had fallen for Harry
With an orange “Adopt Me” jacket on his back
At the Saturday Farmer’s Market.
When I went home I showed his picture
To my wife, laid up from a Segue ride in Reno
OK, OK she said in no mood to argue.

When I brought Harry home from
The Heartland Humane Society,
He immediately went to Tawny’s toy box
And got a yellow tennis ball
Which he promptly brought to me and
Dropped it at my feet,
Laughing and tail wagging

Anytime I sat down Harry would bring the ball
When I got up to pee at night
Harry dropped the ball at my feet .
Harry was OCD about the ball
And so was Happy, his brother

When we stopped our bikes
Near a bench with a friend
Happy set up a clatter urging the woman,
To what? To get his ball out and
Throw it of course


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