Corner Report

The southwest corner of 53rd and Philomath Hiway
Used to have weeds under a large black oak tree
No wait, there was a store or garage or something
With no sidewalks, and small wooden structures torn down now

It was rumored a Walgreens Drug Store was coming in
Nope. I heard there was a problem with wetlands
Nope. Maybe it was taking my so long to build
Because there was a conflict of opinions or laws or zoning?

And then it started: the EARTH MOVERS, scraping and digging
To bury the infrastructure, underground, out of sight, in trenches.
Large concrete sewer pipes to carry off storm water hide now
Electricity, cable, water, phone now are sightly and unseen.

Now the parking lot taking my up 2/3 of the lot covering things that grow
And apartments rise two floors with balconies and doors and windows
Who will live here? Where will they shop? How will they get to class? Where are bike racks?
Who does the building want? Singles? Families? Gays and straights? Rainbow people?

Now in February, in the rain, with heavy traffic on the Hiway,
A line of cars going east, and west north and south, waiting for green.


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