Where do tears come from?

Ok, ok, I know about tear ducts.
What I do not know is why, why I cry.
Tears used to fall if I was hurt or mad or sad
Now they come unbidden when the TV shows
Portray someone winning, or coming home,
Or something.

What is that all about?

Is there a trigger inside, a button, a trip wire
That, when tripped, turns the stop cock,
And my eyes leak?

Is it like rain?

You know, when water evaporates over here
And condenses over there?
Is there a body of water that gives up tears?
Inside? How did I fill it up? How?

My kids say, “Dad’s weeping again.”
My wife hands me the Kleenex box.
And the tears pour down
as Lassie comes back
Or when the baby lives
after some catastrophe,
well you know.

Does it mean I’m full of empathy, or
That I’m full of shit?
Does it mean I have a big heart? Or
That I’m just out of control?

You know what? I don’t care.
It’s just tears, OK?
Water, salt water, falling
Down my cheeks, off my chin,
Drip, drip, drip

I can’t turn them on and
I can’t turn them off.
I think someone is showing me
I’m human.


One thought on “Where do tears come from?

  1. I was told recently that my teariness was because I was full of emotion ready to be unleashed. I took that to mean that I had done a lot of work and was brimming to the top and though I hadn’t given myself full permission to feel all the feelings is uncovered once I do they will come tumbling like a waterfall. For know though they burst on their own when I let go accidentally. Not standing guard I unwittingly open up an emotionless charged source and the levy bursts. And I may make repairs and close it quickly or allow that one to be released and keep the others closed. That’s the long answer. Short answer, tears are a tangible experience (working through) of emotions (sad,happy, stressed, anger etc.). Blocked emotions are often discovered through tears.


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