If I could wander among the stars

“Where are you going dear?”
“Off to Beetlejuice”, I would say.
And then I would go far and fast
Upon my rocket, or inside at least.
Zip, zoom, zowie.

After having lunch with Beetlejuicians,
They would ask, “Now where are you going?”
“Off to Centaurus, of course, to
Ride a half man half horse.”

And when the riding was done,
I took another rocket, a ride to Pleiades.
To have tea with the seven sisters
Of Calypso, who were bereft
When I left.

Where oh where could I go now?
Down a worm hole, a black star,
Over the Milky Way? Into the void.
But wait, there’s still time to visit

We slew Medusa after dinner
Before the Andromeda flight
Sailed into space and though the night.
And there I stayed, in the Andromeda way,

Not to return to Earth by the tiny star
So far away from everywhere
There is anything
To see.


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