Alternate metaphor

Want a metaphor for an alternate reality?
Like ignore the elephant in the middle of
The room playing cards with the hippo, or
The fox in the hen house
Collecting taxes on eggs, or
The wolf in sheep’s clothing
Taking out the garbage.

Do you wish your world was
different from everybody else?
Try this: sit with a friend, relative or stranger
And each of you write a description
Of the world around you and then
Trade papers. See?
You are already in an alternate reality.

OK, not convinced? Try this:
Write a description of the world around you
And then wait an indeterminate length
Of time, and write again.
See hour by hour or minute by minute
Or second by second
Your reality renews itself.

Whose reality is true?
Jesus and Aesop spoke in parables,
We’re these stories true?
Does it make a difference?
Parabolic truth is not literal,
It’s metaphoric, get it?

Like a cat in a whore house
Mending socks, or
Like a bear in the woods
Carving people from cedar.

Have a nice day,
Whatever you want it to be.


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