Dear Valentine

It’s early morning February 14 and I love you.
I started some Tai Chi, took a shower and shaved
So that I could run to New Morning Bakery
To get you coffee and a bearclaw.

Yesterday, when you cooked a special dinner
of Stir Fry and Sushi, I had loved you the whole day long.
I love you when I get home and you ask, “Did you notice…”
Or when you subtly suggest I take the garbage out.

I didn’t forget to love you at anytime yesterday, you know,
Even though I might get busy and not say it.
I loved you when we sat in our new two person recliner last night
And you shared your lap blanket with me, being sure to cover my toes.

I loved you the other day when I made some smart remark
And you said, “Don’t get pissy!” I heard that and I loved you for it.
I loved you too when Tawny begged you to take her to the park
And you said, “I’m not the one to take you.” So I did.

I think there was a moment yesterday when I didn’t love you, maybe,
But I can’t remember it. I love you pretty much all day.
I pretty much love you all my life,
And probably a couple of lifetimes before.

I’m so happy you’re my valentine. thank you Sweetheart.


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