Global Volunteer

1997, South Africa, with People to People

In 1997, one year before retiring from a 32 year career teaching physical science in Portland, Oregon, I was asked by People to People Ambassador program ( to go to South Africa with an Educational Media Delegation. WE were to visit schools, universities and educational organizations in Johannesburg, Durbin, and Cape Town. This was to be my first overseas trip.


Joyce, a Zulu woman at the demonstration village.

1999, Europe, EF educational tours

Strictly speaking this was not a volunteer job, though I went with my daughter Ashley and other minority students from Tubman Middle School on a trip hosted by my ex-wife.


This day was special, Ashley spent the whole day in Lucerne hanging out with me.

2003, Oaxaca and Mexico City, Northwest Medical Teams

After 9/11 my wife and I donated to Northwest Medical Teams (now Medical Teams International. ) and they sent someone to visit and invite me to a “Gift of Hope” trip to Oaxaca and Mexico City at Christmas to bring gifts to families living on the dumps there. We talked it over and I went.


This was my work outfit when we lay concrete floors in one room shacks on the Oaxaca dump.

2004, Coya, Peru, Northwest Medical Teams

I sought out construction volunteer jobs with NWMT after my experience in Mexico. they said they were going to Coya, Peru in the Sacred Vallley of the Incas in March and would I like to come along? They were changing (horse) prison into a medical center for the valley. Otherwise they would have to drive an hour and a half to Cusco for medical help.


This was the construction team. Al except me and Ben (an attorney from Beaverton) had some construction or maintenance experience.

2005, Coya, Peru, Northwest Medical Teams

On the second year of this project after a year of Peruvian hard work, we returned to help install the electrical infrastructure for exam rooms, an ophthalmological microscope, surgery and recovery rooms. They had named it the Kausay Wasi clinic.


Me, working on locks for the exam rooms.

2005, Viet Nam and Cambodia, People to People Ambassador program

In 2005 I was invited to join a Curriculum Development Delegation to Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam and Cambodia. Again, we visited schools, teacher training sites and teacher organization.


We visited schools with students in uniforms. These were often open air classrooms.


In Cambodia we had time to visit Ankhor Wat.

2006, Nicaragua, El Porvenir

The most recent trip was with a group from St Michaels and All Angels Episcopal Church in Portland, OR. Several had been before. El Porvenir works on water projects and our job was to build shower stalls, laundera, and grey water well for a new well for sixteen families near Dario.



For further information contact Lloyd R. McAnelly, Ph.D. at


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