Low blood sugar

I don’t have type II diabetes, I have the diagnosis. In 2005 or so the doctor at Kaiser said, “I’m sorry to give your this diagnosis.” Like it was a rotten apple or something. As a consequence I’ve been on meds ever since. Thankfully it’s not type I and thankfully I don’t have to inject insulin.

But I do need to watch my diet. Last spring I left the meat eaters to join the herbivores and lost 30 lbs and got off my diabetes meds and most of my hypertension meds. I felt much better.

But, as is my habit with other diets, I fell off the vegetable wagon and have recovered 20 of the 30 I lost. Consequently I’m back on diabetes meds.

So today, when I took the dog to the park without having lunch, my glucose level fell. When I say this I mean that ‘I thought it fell’ because I felt faint and weak like I was going to pass out. I went home and ate a carrot.

When I rode the STP (Seattle to Portland) bike ride, the nutritionist told us that the food that reaches your blood the fastest is a carrot. So carry a carrot in your handlebar bag. If you are about to reach the ‘wall’ eat a carrot. Subsequently I have eaten carrots for lunch routinely.

I also ate a protein bar, a banana, a glass of apple juice, an apple and a cup of tapioca pudding. I felt better.

My cousin, the nurse who advises me on healthy habits, complains that people who should know better don’t eat what they should. I agree. I am a case in point. I know to stay away from McD’s, don’t eat chocolate, candy, biscuits or cookies, cake, donuts, muffins, pastries, white bread chips or fast food. No soda or ice cream. But that does not mean that I actually do stay away from these foods.

The undercurrent in my brain goes like this: “Boy, French fries would sure taste good; It would be OK to stop for a DQ ice cream cone today; I’m an adult and I can choose these comfort foods over vegetables; I’ll get back on the diet next week. I’ll even do juicing for three days to purge this shit out of my veins.”

And then my doctor takes a look at my A1C and I’m back on the diabetes meds. But that is not enough to get me to eat right. I send her the bad news after two weeks:










































Acceptable values for glucose before breakfast are from 70 – 130 mg/dl

Type 1 hypertension blood pressure is 140-159, Systolic.

Last year when I had lost the weight:

Glucose: 134

BP: 169/103

So I think my BP is better because I am exercising three times a week at the Fitness-Over-Fifty gym and have started Tai Chi early in the morning.

But the question remains why eat what is clearly bad for my health and not stay on the veggie diet?

One of the answers is that my body has a mind of its own and clearly prefers the foods with grease, sugar, processed foods, and ice cream. I know the body trumps cognitive thought because when I broke my hip all other systems were shut off until I repaired myself. I also am becoming increasingly aware that there is a spiritual brain in there vying for priority too, but I don’t think generally it cares about what I eat. Sure my body is a temple, but…

I know I have a problem with immediate gratification and being impetuous. This has led to bad eating.

When I told my doctor that I didn’t see any effects from the diabetes, she said, “You will.”

I have to take the long range view. I have to understand that my reptile brain wants ice cream now but that it is unhealthy, painful, and/or deadly in the long term. Or I have to distract that part of myself that eats what it wants by doing something, anything, biking, walking, or swimming. Anything active. TV, computers reading and writing don’t help this process.

Another way to distract the fat me is through meditation. Effectively shutting off the cognitive brain and the cognitive body and being nothing for a while. I’ve just started Tai Chi which is already dropping my BP and giving me energy for the day. (Part of the reason I forgot to eat lunch today.)

And nudity. I have been reading the blogs of the naturists and remembering my nudist experience in graduate school. If I’m at war with my body I think I should at least uncover it and let it breath. I never found nudity caused weight loss, on the contrary many nudists I have met were obese and consequently it felt good to remove restrictive clothing. But, if you are embarrassed with your fat self, what better to do than to show it publicly and get over it? And, while nudity does not cause skinniness, it does add to your personal self-esteem by baring it all, so to speak. In general I’m through covering up things in my life.

Thank you for listening. It has helped me to understand my selves and to come up with a strategy to overcome overweight



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