Protocol for a nudist.

As I have told you I studied nudists as part of an ethnography class at the university of Oregon in 1986.

And as I may have told you there are rules and expectations.

For instance, if you visit a nudist camp they expect you, even ask you to bring a towel. The purpose of the towel is to dry yourself off after a swim or shower, of course. But it is also for you to sit on. Please don’t sit without a towel for sanitary reasons.

Another rule is about cameras. Some places don’t allow cameras or have appointed their own people as official club photographers. Otherwise protocol calls for you to ask permission before shooting. This probably changed some since 1986 due to the prevalence of cell phone cameras, but the feeling is the same, don’t just go around shooting without permission.

Both of the clubs I belonged to required married men to bring a note from their wife acknowledging their attendance. This cuts down on men coming just to gawk.

Which brings up another maybe unwritten rule, don’t gawk. You can look all you want and talk about the piercings or the implants, just don’t make a fool of yourself. Nudists like to have a place to talk about being a nudist. They are very proud of their participation with other nudists. You may find out about other clubs all over the U.S. As well as regional activities.

There’s a difference between nudists and naturists. Nudist have someplace private to go, generally with a pool and other recreation activities. Naturists prefer the private public spaces: Rooster Rock, the Willamette river, Sauvies Island, etc. the president of the Oregon Naturists that I interviewed also said that nudists smoke more than they do. Again this may have changed.

Some clubs are clothing optional and some are nude only. I’ve heard arguments in both sides of this issue and I personally prefer clothing optional as allowing more people access to the club and club activities.

Some clubs are landed and some are not. The landed clubs own land and often make their grounds available to non-landed clubs often in exchange for a clean-up work party. Other times joint parties are planned. We went to a Halloween party that was a joint party between two clubs. Unlanded clubs have their activities at a local bowling alley, a swimming pool, or an athletic club.

That is not to say that there are no off campus activities. A nude trip to Vegas or Reno has members telling stories for years. Part of those stories are about the bus driver who finds his passengers taking off their clothes on the long ride.

Nudists are sticklers for rules. I’m guessing since they are so open about dress that they are strict about rules. If something is art any member is likely to take you aside and explain the rules to you.

Don’t feel you have to join to attend or live on the grounds. Nudists I have known are quite accommodating. You will pay a daily use fee but there are often places you can put up a tent and even keep your food in the club refrigerator if needed. Phones are also available at the club house, though this may have changed with the advent of cell phones.

There are people nude year around, not just in the summer. Summertime is the best time for outdoor events but winter is good for a MonteCarlo night or other indoor activities. These activities are usually posted on club web sites.

It is best to call before a visit and often a member will welcome you, answer questions and show you around.

There is little recruitment into the flock, depending on word of mouth instead. You may be asked for references to show you are of good character before joining. The Oregon Country Fair is an exception and someone is often there dressed in the middle minim of clothing and telling folks about the club and the activities there.

Food, dancing, pool playing, and swimming are popular activities. As are tennis, volleyball, pickle all and paddleball. Good courts too!

Children are welcome and a strong safe family place this is for you and your children. Because of security no one who is not known to members will attend.

Security is at the front gate and then provided by members who are aware of any problems that might arise.

I asked if there was more or less promiscuity at the camp than outside. No, they said, pretty much the same inside and outside.

All in all its a great get away with friendly people. Nudism is mostly about having a good time being nude.


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