Will you be my Valentine?

So young and already complicated relationship bbeckon.

Wholehearted Living!

Hmmm will I?
Can I?
Should I?
I’ll try?

First let me see if I get this straight?
Are you asking for a relationship?
Or just a date?

Am I suppose to call you or you call me?
Or is it through Snap, Insta, or text?
Are there rules about time, like after 3?

Will this change my Facebook status?
Or do we make a couples page?
Will our friends and family have to add us?

I like you I think, but should this be love?
Am I trying to hard, should I be so uncertain?
How do we know it’s sanctioned above?

I just don’t know how this is going to work?
I’m flawed you see and I’m okay with me?
But what if invest in this and, you’re a jerk?

What about kids, pets, politics and religion?
Where should be live, play, vacation?
My health is good, what…

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