Kilt living

I’m wearing my kilt all week this week. I made a pledge to myself that I would. I like wearing a kilt but mine had lain up in the closet for too long.

I wear kilts made by Utilikilt. (, the Original in Olive Twill and a cordorouy one that’s warm in winter.  I  bought these two kilts after seeing the men  at  the (then) new Trader Joe’s market in  the Hollywood neighborhood in NE part of Portland, OR.  They all had them in black, with extra pockets and tool holder loops.  The guys told me that they were working kilts and everyone really liked  them.

As I am trying to move closer to my Scottish heritage, and because I like  to wear them, I  made this deal with myself that I would wwear the consistently for a week. Now, on the fourth day, I’m feeling more comfortable with them, normal, and less conspiquous.  Actually, this endeavor is  similar to  growing a beard in  1969. At that time  I was teaching physics at Roosevelt High School in  North Portland.  When I grew my beard people stopped sitting at my table at lunch.  WhenI shaved it off, they moved back.  Later, when I  taubht physics at Adams High School, a more liberal staff and  faculty, they hardly even noticed.  “Did you get a haircut?” or “Is that a new shirt?” they’d ask.

So wearing a kilt in Corvallis is like that, the latter experience.  Few commented, a friend asked how I  liked  it (and the common inquiry about what I  had on beneath  it).  Other comments were favorable, “Hey I really liked that kilt you wore  to church on Sunday.”  “Oh, I’ve alwys wanted  a Utilikilt” (the brand is sewn on  the back pocket).

I have seen other Utilikilts here in Corvallis in the summer at the farmer’s market.   I would say “hi” and remark that I wished I had worn mine too.  I wear it to the store, to the market, to meet friends for a meal  out, or any activity to  come along.

Utilikilts are difficult to put on and easy to take off. There are six big snaps on the front overleaf and sometimes hard to find and snap. Four more on the heavier cordorouy kilt.  There is  a lot  of belt loops to support a strong work belt or western belt.  But its the cargo pockets that are like two big carryalls for anything you need to have with you.  Currently my right pocket has my iPhone 6+, three sets of keys, my handkerchief and a billfold.  In the left pocket is my stuffed grocery bag that I always carry with me, a money clip, and two more sets of keys.  The back pocket is uncomfortable to  sit on if it is full since it isn’t as moveable as the outside cargo  pockets.  The cargo pockets  hang like bags from my waist. 

 To remove the Utilikilt, just undo the belt, unsnap and you’re out.

I have ordered a tartan kilt that will get me closer to my Scottish name, McAnelly, but until then the Utilikilt does the job.  Now I’m going to ride my bike.

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