Who Are You?

My eldest. 🙂

Wholehearted Living!

I was asked last week
This very question.
As homework to return and mention.
Who am I?
I thought…..I’m mom, daughter, wife, sister, cousin, aunt, friend, neighbor, colleague, counselor, writer, consumer, social worker, employee, boss, alumni, taxpayer, voter, driver, ex smoker, walker, confidant, truth seeker, child of God, and my favorite: Nana. But wait, that’s not who I am. Those are roles I play. Ways to categorize and label the things I do that are weighed heavily with a list of expectations, “shoulds”, rules and norms. That’s not me. Those are things I do and if I don’t, I’m not, anymore. They can be taken away, reassigned, retired or…..terminated.

Ok so I’m my: height, weight, gender, religion, location, mood, style, politics, economic status, drivers license number, name, initials, age, level of education, skill set, IQ, health, social security number, eye or hair color, physical or mental health status, personality type…

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