Open the back door

the best way into a house is not always the front door. I have never been to a farm house that didn’t welcome all guests through the back door into the kitchen with warmth and good smells.

The best way to my house is not always the most direct, down the highway through the heavy morning traffic, school zones and motorcycle policemen with radar guns.

The best way to talk to my children is not always confrontationally, hardly ever.

The best way to truth is not to look for it but to allow it to come to you.

The best way for me to understand and be myself is to shut up and dig deep into my self/body/soul/mind and see what’s there and let it out.

I only discover my true self when forced to rely on my own ingenuity, my insight and my intuition and by trusting it will do well.

I don’t get it by doing what I think you want me to do or to be or to act. I’m not you.

I’m becoming me.


One thought on “Open the back door

  1. Lloyd, the first paragraph says it all. Great post. I was thinking of an added line as I read courtesy of an old boss – we have two ears and one mouth, we should use them in that proportion. Well done, BTG


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