my golden retriever Tawny

Wants to take the ball to the park

So we walk in the cold and rain

With the bright orange and blue ball

And the “chuck-it” stick.

But the grass is too high, unmown

And marshy, hard to walk on

Easy to lose your ball

Even bright orange and blue balls.

The basketball court is free!

I sit on a bench facing the concrete court

And fling it, straight forward, bouncing

Into the grass beyond.

A perfect throw, and Tawny ran

45° to the right. Wait, what? No. Yes.

Losing sight of the ball she begins to

Search, right then left, at increasing distances 

At top clip, fast. Didn’t know she was that fast.

But she didn’t find the ball. Racing.

I got up and walked toward the ball.

She zigged and zagged and zigged again

I kept walking toward the visible ball

Then her zig brought her near 

The ball

She turned her head

And snapped it up.

Tail wagging she came back with me

To the bench, where she refused to 

Give it to me,

Teeth clenched


2 thoughts on “Fetch

  1. You have to love a dog named Tawny. Not a designer dog, just a best friend. My dog does the same thing with not letting me have the ball back, so we have a tug and pull game. We have to keep a supply of tennis balls as he will eventually chew through one. Thanks for sharing.


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