Mourning Dove

Who calls out my morning window?

Repeating repeating repeating repeating, who?

It’s not the owl with one “who” in the night,

But the Mourning Dove, stuck on its call

Hoo Hoo, Hoo Hoo, Hoo,  Hoo Hoo.

Was it I who was stuck in mourning, mourning, mourning?

Why did my love die far far far from me, far away?

Why is their no  fairness in my life, catch me a break.

Why do they think we didn’t love each other, why, why, why

How can they marginalize me and you, you, you, you?

The Mourning Dove is quiet now, now, now, now, 

But my heart is still mourining, why, why, why, why.

This will pass, but when,  when, when, when?

Come back Mourning  dove, I am not done mourning.

Whoo, whoo, whoo, why, why, why, when, when, when.


– Small Town Boy


I turned my brain back on

I had a bright idea today, maybe two or three.

I think that my brain got turned back on, maybe it’s the sun?

I think I will try for a couple more before dinner

and one before bed

and one to sleep on.

It’s amazing what you can do when you set your great mind to it.

For me I also have to be alone, solely dependent on my own ideas

and take some time

to plant the seeds

and let them grow. Then they’re my ideas, my creativity shining through

with sollutions no one else has ever thought of, not me anyway, not me.

My next idea is a doozy

All about a certain problem

That has plagues me and plagued me.  I didn’t know that I could

Solve them with such a great solution as no one has ever thought.

Just you wait and see

But now I  have to take a nap.

Only I’ll be thinking all the  time I’m resting my body and soul so that

My brain, I forget which cortex it is, will blast out the news. Just me.



– Small Town Boy

Public nudity allowed

After the recent (2025) US Supreme Court case involving public nudity in Alabama found that nudity is a first amendment right of free expression, naturists all over the world are flocking to the U.S.

Old activities have new meaning:

Take a nudist to work week has brought about a greater understanding and appreciation of nudism and naturism. Asking only that employees bring a towel to sit on, nude doctors, lawyers, teachers, and landscapers, to name a few, are finally able to share their natural bodies with others.

Mothers’ Day Brunch caused a little confusion as to where to pin the corsage, but that was quickly overcome. Northern states still held the Brunch in restaurants and hotels, while southern and southwest states took advantage of the sunny warm Mothers’ Day.

Two-Fer day at the local sports bar saw athletes and fans alike enjoying a clothes free afternoon. Patrons were extra careful where they left the darts.

Free night, Free Beer night, and Buck night at the baseball park brought out fans painted in team colors. Some were careful of splinters.

Hot tubs and swimming pools reported less maintenance required because clothing was no longer required and so detergent and other textile additives weren’t clogging the filters.

Back to school night was a frolick with most families playing nude volleyball in the gym.

Woodland hikers reported that nude hikers were more in touch with nature, enjoyed skinny dipping and sunning themselves where the sun was available.

Hitchhikers were picked up faster and in greater numbers thus saving gas and pollutants.

Clothing manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers showed a downturn in profits due to the increased popularity of nudity.

Schools that previously required students to wear uniforms have revoked the rule in favor of being clothes free. The clothesfree lifestyle removed class syltygma, gang clothes and saved parents enough money so they could start a college fund.

Doctors and nurses have proclaimed the benefits of the clothesfree lifestyle because rashes, bites, scars and so on are much more visible and therefore taken care of more quickly than when people used to wear clothes. It also removes the time required to undress and those awful hospital gowns.

The new clothesfree lifestyle has become so popular, healthy and socially acceptable that some cities are considering laws that prohibit wearing clothes in public.


My brother and I sneaking around in clothes at home.

Grandson Adventures

i have plans to introduce birding

To my grandsons, maybe get started

On a birding merit badge,

Maybe start a life bird lust, oops, list.

Reed (almost 11) hops on one foot saying “Awesome!”

Tavin (5) is sleeping, he needs his rest. 

I will need rest when he awakes.

I have a pair of binoculars and ask Reed if he knows about them

And monoculars. He says yes and defines them. 

His mother comes in to say goodbye and tells me what experience level Reed is at with binoculars

And I say, “Pardon me, I was talking to your son.”

“Sorry” she says and complements me on my Ulster tartan kilt

And the shirt I have on that says,

“Embarrassing my children, just one more service I offer.” She says it matches the kilt.

I have bird guides, books about bird feeders, more bird guides

At home to share later. I have binoculars and spotting scope (the monocular I mentioned)

And I think I will take the boys  to the bird store when Tavin wakes to

Get them Birds of the Willamette Valley and some finch food.

We have to be careful with the finch food. It’s almost April, spring migration time, and

When Angel and I filled the bird feeder with finch food last time 

We counted 42 goldfinches!

And they dropped sunflower seeds because they were too lazy to open them 

(According to the guy at the bird store)

And soon mouses were attracted and drove

My dog Tawny (a Golden Retriever) and my wife (a Norwegion/German cross) nuts!

So we will put the feeder out back by the fence in what’s left of the dead Birch tree.

All of this is part of the scout’s bird merit badge and more .

And I have a camera that takes pictures and video with a small telescopic ability 

Which is totally inadequate for the job, 

But I gave my Sony DSLR away to another grandson in California 

Where he hangs out in Sacremento’s Old Town taking pictures and getting gigs.

I hope to get to Finley National Wildlife Refuge, 5 miles south of town, to see some birds.

Mayby another day to Jackson-Frazier Wetlands on the north edge of town.

Finally, if there is time, we can print pIctures and write/draw about our adventures today,

And finally to Papa’s Pizza for dinner.

Cross your fingers.



-Small Town Boy 


Should I stay or should I go.

Is going quitting, not staying?

Is staying what I want to do?

By staying will I be saying I’m here?

By going will I be saying I’m no longer here?

When I’m here, what am I doing?

Am I helping or am I waiting to help?

If I’m going will that clear the path 

to dialogue?

I feel confused.


– Small Town Boy 


If you are lost, don’t wander or wonder or walk-about,

If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

To defeat a riptide, swim with it.

To defeat quicksand, float.

Now believe, trust, and wait patiently.

I will come.  I will find you. I will help you find the way.

I do this a lot and I know what I’m doing, you’ll see.

Sleep in today, get some rest, repair, renew.

Leave this to me, I’ve got it. I’ve got your back on this one.

Remember before? Remember when you were lost before

and I found you and held you and comforted you?

Well it’s like that.

the I Ching says this problem is a hint that

self adjustment is required. Think on it.

It also says don’t push it, be patient.

It is still dark out there

The dark cloud overhead shuts out the sunlight

The showers come intermittently sprinkling the windshield.

My mind is anxious, anxious to do something to make the pain go away.

But that’s not my job.

I asked the assistant pastor, from her perspective as a counselor,

“What should I be doing?” She said, “Just be quiet and listen.”

I tried that. I could not keep silent.  I asked too many questions.

I fell for the old trick, “I’m waiting to  hear some deep wisdom from you?”

But that’s not my job.

When I asked Jeff what to do (my name for the Holy Spirit),

He said, “I’ll act through you.”  Huh?  What does that mean?

So I’m sitting quietly waiting for Jeff to act, and nothing happens.

She’s talking about how unfair it is and why did this happen to her?

I don’t have an answer.

So we do the Animal Spirits Medicine Cards.

26 Squirrel – Gathering,  in the #1 position (Past) said she had stored up  for this.

17 Mountain lion – Leadership, (reversed) #2 (Present) says don’t be led down a primrose path by others.

28 Armadillo  – Boundaries, #3 (future)  says protect yourself with a shield made of what you want/need

33 Weasel – Stealth, #4 (patterns in your life) says he sees and hears what is really being said and done.

2 Hawk – Messinger, (reversed) #5 (Challenges you have just conquered) says you can not penetrate the chaos and confusion.

45 Blue Heron – Self-reflection, #6 (What is working for you) says follow your intuition and begin empowering journey of self-discovery.

14 Dog – Loyalty, (reversed) #7 (What is working against you) says reclaim the loyalty to self and self truths.

The GreatSpirit has spoken to her and she re-reads what it said

and goes to her AA meeting with 

a 14 year token in her pocket.

– Small  Town Boy

Black and white

the world is black and white now

That you’re gone


My vision is monocolored, restricted

Narrow and diminished.


I only see a little where once I saw a lot 

Just what is the proclivity of my face.

The dark penetrates my poorly lighted space,

The bulbs are dim, the shadows long 

And my soul cries out for you.

The Phalanx

When you come north to the Oregon beach to rebuild,

you will be guarded by a phalanx of Seraphim

and one Archangel, Michael I  think.

There will be trumpets and drums to announce your coming.

No police escort would be as good as these guys.

No one can protect and defend like the Seraphim,

They have six wings: two to fly with, two to cover their faces and two to cover their feet.

They are mighty and terrible, full of flame and  love’

Just right for your entourage.  Everyone will weep and gnash their teeth

As you and your heavenly host pass by (you’ll be on the evening news.)

Consternation everywhere.  “Why does she get such great guardians?”, they will say. 

“Who is she?”, they will ask.  “What does she carry in the box?”, they wonder.

“It is her heart”, I  say, “broken into pieces.  She’s bringing it to the sea to heal and grow strong again.”

“But WHO is she?”, they ask.

“A girl in love and full of despair. “

“Ohhh”, they say. “We will add our voices to her healing prayer.”

“Thank you”, I say, “and pray for the one who is gone.”

Love abounds.

– Small Town Boy