The Birth of Twins

Unlike my mother when she gave birth to twins, we (my first wife Jan and I) knew they were in there  We didn’t have sonograms, but we did have XRays. The Obstitrician told us, “There is at least two heads and two spines.” At Least!

We were living in a mobile home in a trailer  court for college kids on W Pitkin Street near Colorao State University in 1965.  Up until our boys were born everyone  was getting girls.  After the twins? Everyone was getting boys.  WE had learned the secret from a plant pathology major next door.

We knew the time was at hand but I had  finals that week, March, 1965.  I was scheduled to take a Zoology final when my wife’s water broke.  I left to take the  exam anyway and hurried home, explaining to the test monitor why I  was  in such  a hurry. It was less than  a mile.

We left our daughter somewhere (?) and took  off for the  Poudre Vallley Hospital on the other side of  town, Elizabeth street in Fort Collins.  When we arrived and had gotten settled in, the  wait began.  

Nothing.  The doctor came in and asked my  wife, “re you having contractions?”  She said she didn’t feel any, and the doctor said, “You just had one.  I felt it.” So they decided to induce her instead of just waiting.  Again the  doctor checked on the  contractions, but they were few and far between.  There was a problem with the babies.  One had started down the  birth canal  only to  be kicked aside by the  other one.  If the labor continued there was concern that their chins might lock and cause problems. So we agreed to  a Caesarian Section.

The rest I heard about later.

Jan was awake on the operating table and overheard the doctors talking: “Maybe we should take the one who shoved his way  out first?”  And so twin boys were born.  Then they said, “Should we put the zipper in  so it goes up or down?” and the  other said, “Hush, she works for a doctor.  She knows wha you are talking about.”

John Matthew and James Mark.  They were lightweights then; I  don’t remember their weight exactly, but long. They were not  identical, but people who had difficulty telling which was which called them ‘Jimmy-John.”

When they came home we  told their sister, Cory, they were hers. Her little brothers to take care of.  She took this responsibility very seriously.

Happy Birthday to John and Jim, March 10, 1965. Now in  2015, age 50.  Welcome to the  other side of the hill.


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