Old age

Old age ain’t what it used to be,

I’m telling my fifty year old twin sons 

Who’s birthday is today. 

At fifty I was morose, till my friend 

Said, “You aren’t dead. You’re just fifty.”

At sixty I noticed each new pain

In the morning, thinking, “Is this the pain 

that will be the death of me?”

Till my doctor said, “Stop that.”

When I turned seventy I went to 

Cardio rehab to work out and asked

My friend Hal, “What now?”

He said he didn’t know, he was 80 

“And Bill here is 90.” Like,

“Get over yourself.”

So now my mantra is Doris Day’s,

“Que sera, sera.”

Whatever will be will be.

Just get up in the morning 

and see what’s happening.


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