The Truth About Birthdays (if by “truth” I meant totally opinionated pseudo-facts)

On my sons 50th birthday. Why do I like birthdays? Memories of presents and of presents and of futures.

You've Been Jaded

Today it is the birthday of someone I know. Which (brace yourselves) is probably the case for many of you. Perhaps it is even your own birthday (happy birthday, from me) and the argument can certainly be made that you are someone you know. But I don’t care to talk about any one specific birthday (unless it is the birthday of any member of 5 Seconds of Summer which is very important because soon they will achieve an age where I don’t have to feel quite so guilty about finding them attractive).

But I started thinking about my own birthday. It’s the reason my favorite number is 13. It’s why I think October is such a neat month (aside from Halloween…now that I’m an adult, it’s the only time it’s acceptable for me to pretend to be a Power Ranger). But do I really care that much about birthdays? I…

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