Scattered Words

Writing these word and hitting Enter scatters my words to you to  be snagged by the Inter-net.

Meaning is lost and new meaning is found in your intuition and experience with such things.

Captured, they reside in your cognitive memory without context, except your own.

My words in your context. How can we communicate? How do you understand?

I have words. Words that want to get out, and so I let them, encourage them

to go to you, where they will find a home that hatches them into ideas and feelings

we share as co-residentials on this planet, mammals with words, words to  convey

What I cannot by touch or  look or smell or taste, because you sit on one end and

I sit on the other end of the Inter-net.

I have feelings, some I don’t unerstand till  they come out and sit here on my end

and by sending them to you I am hoping you understand my confusion.

I hope you will lend your facilities in application with your understnding of the universe.

The universe we reside in, are born to, fumble and fly in, and make constellations

upon which to hang the dreams  of others.

To my daughter, Ashley, remembering the day we spent together in Lucerne, Switzerland.

– Small Town Boy


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