Walk with me

i know you’re there, behind me.

Come up here where I can see you.

We will walk hand in hand, arm in arm

Through the next few catastrophes together,

You and I.

I just became aware of your constant presence,

I thought I was just fortunate; serendipity works.

But when it kept happening in my life in large and small ways,

I figured it out. That was you, right?

You and I.

Now I feel as a child feels knowing

You are giving me only what I can take.

And as I grow stronger you throw

More challenges in our path.

You and I.

Now I will share the path with others,

Follow my footprints in the snow, 

In the mud, in the heat and in the anger.

We know the way. We found it together, 

You and I.

– Small Town Boy


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