A New Tack

OK, lets try something new, it’s pi day.

I’m leaning towards babies, they’re new.

No, Im thinking about death, every day is new till then

Maybe we can talk about cars and motorcycles,

Anything new there? No?

Getting back to pi day, I know it’s old, but new to me

a few years ago.  I thought it was funny then and

went and bought a pie, apple I think, so what?

There is nothing new under the sun, or moon

except I saw stars and planets here at the beach

in the hot tub, at dawn, before the stars disappear.

There is nothing older, you know it took light years for starlight

to reach me and hours for me to decide to look up at night at the beach

So let’s not take a new tack.  Let’s try an old  tack, one we used before

How does it go? An oldey but a goodey?

We bring our past into  our present to face our future. Yes?

– Small Town Boy, at the beach

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