Popcorn, when it starts out, is

 identical to every other kernel in the bag.

Heat and pressure in the microwave

Causes, enables the popcorn to

Break out.

(If it had stayed in the cupboard 

It wouldn’t have to experience this

Violent transformation.)

As the temperature increases, 

As the water turns to steam and

Builds the heat and pressure,

The circle of soft starch liquifies,

Until the instantaneous change occurs

And it breaks out of its shell. Pop.

The starch cools and hardens

Never to return inside the shell again.

I know people who pop

Like that, metamorphosis, pop.

Caterpillars do it to become,

But popcorn explodes to do it,

To break out. Pop!

They say no two snowflakes are alike; 

Same with popcorn. 


– Small Town Boy

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