When I Rise

Now the morning is here, calling me to rise, the storm rages outside,

But calm abides within, peace still from dreams awakened.

As I measure glucose and blood pressure and take my meds,

I am reminded that I am, today, all day, because of my

efforts yesterday.

I know you need to leave your past behind, all that baggage, all that sin,

But I feel the river flowing forward from the past to now.

This is the now i am in, the now i was meant to be in, my now.

And I know where it came from and where it is going.  That now is gone.

Another now has reappeared, for me, and you.

So I  am  a morning person.  Morning is the  time of quiet and reflection and preparation 

for the new day, built upon  the old day, and starting the new day with morning,

When I rise.

– Small Town Boy


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