The Nova

Occasionally a bright star comes into our life, A small star to others but to us it is a giant, filling us with a mega-joy so wonderful that we cannot believe our eyes, but which can be seen by anyone who looks.

Sometimes this star burns so very bright that it consumes the dark we had around us, befuddling our senses and fogging our mind, and the dark is replaced by brilliance, the bright star we’ve been looking for our whole life without knowing such a wonderful feeling even existed.

And then it novas and burns out, replaced by a black hole that sucks all the joy and delight out of everything. Whoosh. It’s gone.

But inside that blackness is a worm hole to the past where she and you still exist and proceed into an alternate universe where the accident didn’t happen.

Please, please, please know that in that other universe is a you that still loves and is loved in return. And know too that she is happy to have you there with her too.

– The Small Town Boy


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