Grandson Adventures

i have plans to introduce birding

To my grandsons, maybe get started

On a birding merit badge,

Maybe start a life bird lust, oops, list.

Reed (almost 11) hops on one foot saying “Awesome!”

Tavin (5) is sleeping, he needs his rest. 

I will need rest when he awakes.

I have a pair of binoculars and ask Reed if he knows about them

And monoculars. He says yes and defines them. 

His mother comes in to say goodbye and tells me what experience level Reed is at with binoculars

And I say, “Pardon me, I was talking to your son.”

“Sorry” she says and complements me on my Ulster tartan kilt

And the shirt I have on that says,

“Embarrassing my children, just one more service I offer.” She says it matches the kilt.

I have bird guides, books about bird feeders, more bird guides

At home to share later. I have binoculars and spotting scope (the monocular I mentioned)

And I think I will take the boys  to the bird store when Tavin wakes to

Get them Birds of the Willamette Valley and some finch food.

We have to be careful with the finch food. It’s almost April, spring migration time, and

When Angel and I filled the bird feeder with finch food last time 

We counted 42 goldfinches!

And they dropped sunflower seeds because they were too lazy to open them 

(According to the guy at the bird store)

And soon mouses were attracted and drove

My dog Tawny (a Golden Retriever) and my wife (a Norwegion/German cross) nuts!

So we will put the feeder out back by the fence in what’s left of the dead Birch tree.

All of this is part of the scout’s bird merit badge and more .

And I have a camera that takes pictures and video with a small telescopic ability 

Which is totally inadequate for the job, 

But I gave my Sony DSLR away to another grandson in California 

Where he hangs out in Sacremento’s Old Town taking pictures and getting gigs.

I hope to get to Finley National Wildlife Refuge, 5 miles south of town, to see some birds.

Mayby another day to Jackson-Frazier Wetlands on the north edge of town.

Finally, if there is time, we can print pIctures and write/draw about our adventures today,

And finally to Papa’s Pizza for dinner.

Cross your fingers.



-Small Town Boy 


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