Public nudity allowed

After the recent (2025) US Supreme Court case involving public nudity in Alabama found that nudity is a first amendment right of free expression, naturists all over the world are flocking to the U.S.

Old activities have new meaning:

Take a nudist to work week has brought about a greater understanding and appreciation of nudism and naturism. Asking only that employees bring a towel to sit on, nude doctors, lawyers, teachers, and landscapers, to name a few, are finally able to share their natural bodies with others.

Mothers’ Day Brunch caused a little confusion as to where to pin the corsage, but that was quickly overcome. Northern states still held the Brunch in restaurants and hotels, while southern and southwest states took advantage of the sunny warm Mothers’ Day.

Two-Fer day at the local sports bar saw athletes and fans alike enjoying a clothes free afternoon. Patrons were extra careful where they left the darts.

Free night, Free Beer night, and Buck night at the baseball park brought out fans painted in team colors. Some were careful of splinters.

Hot tubs and swimming pools reported less maintenance required because clothing was no longer required and so detergent and other textile additives weren’t clogging the filters.

Back to school night was a frolick with most families playing nude volleyball in the gym.

Woodland hikers reported that nude hikers were more in touch with nature, enjoyed skinny dipping and sunning themselves where the sun was available.

Hitchhikers were picked up faster and in greater numbers thus saving gas and pollutants.

Clothing manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers showed a downturn in profits due to the increased popularity of nudity.

Schools that previously required students to wear uniforms have revoked the rule in favor of being clothes free. The clothesfree lifestyle removed class syltygma, gang clothes and saved parents enough money so they could start a college fund.

Doctors and nurses have proclaimed the benefits of the clothesfree lifestyle because rashes, bites, scars and so on are much more visible and therefore taken care of more quickly than when people used to wear clothes. It also removes the time required to undress and those awful hospital gowns.

The new clothesfree lifestyle has become so popular, healthy and socially acceptable that some cities are considering laws that prohibit wearing clothes in public.


My brother and I sneaking around in clothes at home.

2 thoughts on “Public nudity allowed

  1. Came across this in a Google search and it scared the bejesus out of me! Let’s push your future “Supreme Court” date to 2055 instead of 2025… that’s only 10 years away and I’d rather be dead before this becomes a reality!!!


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