I turned my brain back on

I had a bright idea today, maybe two or three.

I think that my brain got turned back on, maybe it’s the sun?

I think I will try for a couple more before dinner

and one before bed

and one to sleep on.

It’s amazing what you can do when you set your great mind to it.

For me I also have to be alone, solely dependent on my own ideas

and take some time

to plant the seeds

and let them grow. Then they’re my ideas, my creativity shining through

with sollutions no one else has ever thought of, not me anyway, not me.

My next idea is a doozy

All about a certain problem

That has plagues me and plagued me.  I didn’t know that I could

Solve them with such a great solution as no one has ever thought.

Just you wait and see

But now I  have to take a nap.

Only I’ll be thinking all the  time I’m resting my body and soul so that

My brain, I forget which cortex it is, will blast out the news. Just me.



– Small Town Boy


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