Easter Egg

I found a chocolate Easter Egg

In my shoe

Six months later.

I’m glad it was not 

a chicken’s egg

or it would have been worse.

I didn’t think of resurrection

or Easter sunrise

when the rock was rolled away.

I only thought of the dyes

and the vinegar

used to color the eggs.

I didn’t think of a life reborn

or the pain of death

About which Easter is.

So I’m taking the time now

to give it some thought

but I don’t get it.

I have had the certain knowledge of God

and I have had known He was His son

But for  the lfe of me, I can’t figure out why

Why a father would do that to his son.

I know, I know He did it for me, but

He didn’t even know me

And I would never give up my son for humankind,

Would you?


– Small Town Boy


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