Eastertide revisited

Thursday was  Maunday Thursday, we had a pot luck

at church and then read the bible about Christ

from Gethsemeny to Pontius Pilate.

and followed  the Christ candle into the sanctuary.

I missed the Good Friday because I had  to  get 

up at three to be on vigil at four and

then I didn’t see the people show up for  Five

so I sat another hour in the chapel where

they had a laberynth that I walked on to 

speak to my mother, she’s always in the center.

Then I wrote some thoughts on the first station,

Looked in three mirrors for how I was made in God’s image on the second station, and


     I wrote that I was like God on my head where my brain was, on my feet where I walk, on my tummy where i eat, on my back where  my backbone  is and inside where my soul is.

stuck magnetic words on the board to make  a poem,

I don’t remember what.

I prayed  for my family and friends, especially Teri who  lost her girlfriend last week.

I tried to meditate, but that didn’t take.

I had meditated yesterday at home and fell down  a big deep hole

where I found a carrousel that was full of deer, only to find a deer smashed on the road to church.  Why deer?  Deer is one of my main totems,


animal spirits, and its wisdom includes: Gentleness in word, thought and touch; ability to listen; Grace and appreciation for  the  beauty of balance; Understanding of what’s necessary for survival; power of gratitude and giving; Ability to sacrifice for the higher good; Connection to  the woodland goddess; alternative paths to a goal.

SinceI have joined this church I feel like I’m on a spiritual  path. You?


Tomorrow’s Easter and Im going to celebrate the Resurrection.

– Small Town Boy


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