Morning light

the morning light pushes back the darkness

The darkness that enveloped me yesterday

Is weakened by another sunrise.

The pain ebbs and flows like the tide of the sea

Never to recede entirely, but promising hope

That I won’t drown as I dog paddle through my day.

Is it me? Am I the one drowning?

Is it you, the one gone so early

In our found love, true love, best love,

That lived such a short time before you died.

But it lives on, sometimes in joy and mostly in agony and pain.

Sometimes in anger, how could you leave me here?

It is not fair for us to find each other, 

Thanks to your matchmaker,

And then as I began to gorge myself on your beauty and wonder,

We were cut apart.

I’m holding on and working through the grief alone,

Doing what I know needs to be done: 

Grief counseling, massage, meditation, AA, and calling my friends when it is at its worst.

I’m taking the steps to recovery all the while hating that you are gone, wanting you to return and say it was all a mistake.

A new love is being born in the depths of my heart

A love that transcends death and despair 

And grows into acceptance and wonder 

At what we created.


– Small Town Boy


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