I’ve lost it you see, hope.

I had it but it disappeared, suddenly.

I want to get it back, hope, promise, a future.

Where do you go to get your hope back?


It gets you back,

When the pain is, not gone, but at a liveable level.

Then in the wee hours of the morning

You notice that it has returned,


Carefully reestablishing itself in your world.

Wait for it, prepare, it’s coming.

You will feel that you are moving from 

etherial to solidity and you can stand up for short periods.

Don’t rush it, it takes its own sweet time,

but notice that it has returned and is growing

Growing large enough to hold you close in it arms

Close to  its bosom, warm and comforting,

as you remember.

It is coming back.  It needs you too.

It loves you too.

Here it comes.


– Small Town Boy


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