I hope you have lots of pockets today,

because I have some things for you

to carry in your pockets, and 

occasionally touch  them to be reminded

that I love you.

Ready, first is a warm part of 

Tawny’s coat.  She wanted to give you that first.

Next I took a piece of my heart

for you to have till yours gets better.

Put that in a breast pocket.

I put out the birdseed feeders

this morning and so I

captured some of the many

birdsongs for you.

Be careful with these,

they tend to fly off while 

you are putting them in 

your pocket.

Ok, this is a little strange,

but now  I give you a rock.

Actually it is another gift from Tawny,

you know how she loves to play with a stone,

throwing it up in the air,

digging where it falls,

whether at the beach or in the back yard

(Now full of her craters).

My last gift won’t fit in your pocket,

nor is it meant to.

I went through the attic,

through the old trunks,

and found my featered boa.

It is filled with love,


I just put some more into it before I sent it,

and is meant to wrap around you and

hold you tight when you need it.

I’m sure your friends and collegues

(even Billy Beane)

won’t mind if you wear it for the next few days.

I send these in lieu of my good warm big loving hugs

Till I see you again.



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