The me

I am trying to understand art, and artist.

I am a scientist, from science teaching.

So it is apparent that i’m in  a different world

all of a sudden.

This is nottheworld of test and discover, question everything,

and learn the truth, or is it?

Now instead of a test tube, I am studying me.

Instead of a microscope, I look within.

No equations will help  me uncover


Each theory must be replicable,

each step must be able to be repeated,

no observation may be subjective

in the scientific world i’m leaving  behind

to practice my art.

Now it is my own depths that  I must plumb,

No one can show me the way and I am obligated

to  show you

the Me that He has made.

I am one of a kind, the only me

and I am obligated to share it with you

so you can see that small part of the universe

that is in me, and only me.  It is a sin

to hide it.

– Small Town Boy


2 thoughts on “The me

  1. I have a great appreciation for scientists, especially their self- questioning around making sure the science is as right as it can be. It annoys me when a talking head is put up side by side and because the talking head tells a story better is more believed than a scientist in his field who is giving a well -informed opinion. If you watch Merchants of Doubt, it will make you ill as it did me. Best wishes on all fronts. BTG

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