Airport people

Are you an airport person?

Are you rolling down the carpet in a segue you can sit on?

Are you dressed in fine gangsta clothes and bling?

Are you telling your friends from Utah about how to swirl and taste wine while admitting to being arrested for DUI?

Are you an morbidly obese person in an extra wide wheelchair?

Are you working the counter but can’t broadcast boarding and missing passenger instructions without giggling?

Are you pulling your little suitcase on four wheels?

Are you goth? Japanese? Hispanic? Mormon?

Are you playing with your iPhone? Sitting by a plug suripticiously charging it?

Are you laughing? Talking quietly? Flirting? Waiting?



Then you are ready to be in an airport..

– Small Town Boy 


2 thoughts on “Airport people

  1. People watching is always fun. I am the quiet guy waiting for his bag as he sits, while every must get their bag off the turn style first. I used to rush to airports and do the previous OJ thing (not what he is known for now), but now I take my time as rushing ages you.

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