Naked Giants at the burn


Small town boy 


On the farm

How you gonna keep them down on the farm

After they have been to the SOAK/Portland Burn?

My friends tell me to be ready for the fall, 

It’s natural to feel let down, everyone does,

But so far I’m up, I’m IN love.

They loved me to life.

I love everybody even crew cab pickups.

I want to hug everyone, long warm personal hugs.

They told me to be careful to ask first

And then to only hug for a max of 30 secs.

But I am filled to over flowing with

Acceptance, affirmation of life, open mind and spirit, awakening of my soul.

Was that too strong?



Amen, amen, praise the Lord!

Oops, sorry it wasn’t that kind of event but I can’t help it, hallelujah!

So you can see I’m a little manic,

Can you be a ‘little’ manic?

Joy Joy Joy.

Tune in tomorrow to see if I’m down yet.

And yes, this was a drug/alcohol free experience.

Peace and love 

– Small town boy

Rollin’ Home

Smell of gas on this old RV,

Bikes flying past on my Element

The boys are driving home with

Trash bags in the back

Happy we found the lost keys 

In the grass where we watched the temple burn late last night, but found with the help of St Anthony because Ben was asking for help on the grass field and I back in camp had remberrd St Anthiny medal I carried on my Edfie Bauer waist bag but then gave to the woman who lost her glasses after her battery died and I gave her a boost while sprounging my bikes as I pulled away from the RV.

Am I rambling? Yes

I’m rambling and roving and wandering and wondering.

The SOAK 2015

Last day of my first year

No decomp after this

Amy linguist contractor, bright opera star

For king Olaf, with condoms

Sitka mother of twins fisher woman

Vicious Cunt and Dickie

MOOPer the Great

Annoyed the Great

Hunter jokes and banjos

Incessant music

Intentional community

No one will listen to you tomorrow.

UtiliKilts galore

Bare breasts in abundance

Interview with social worker erased

Emotional amplification

Men in dresses or aprons 

Coffee with strangers

Hug lessons, long and strong

VW camp

Dope, drugs, alcohol, shrooms, Molly


Water for dogs, labs, bulldog, husky, corgi mix

No invisible dogs

Talk of past SOAKS and BURNS

Talk of next time, BURN coming

Funny guy from CA,woman from BC,

Family from Boise 

Paige found me

Teachers, realtors and closers, inventors

Bubbles, flaming tether ball,

La Breah tar pits with colorful

Soft silk hammocks

Jelly fish for kissing

Knife sharpener with stones 


In the temple saying goodbye

the archetype king requires

Me to overturn my mother.

And thereby lovers whom I sought out 

To replace her love.

Now I seek friends, more valuable

And more long lasting.

Friends are easy to turn into lovers,

But few lovers turn into friends.

I love my friends and sometime they search 

Me out, whereas lovers are meant to pursue.

I may be wrong but I think there is less 

Game playing among friends,

More commonalities, someone to share with,

Touch and hugs and kisses still a part of

The configuration, but the surge of sex diminished.

The surge of love abounds.

Goodbye lovers, hello friends.