The Angel  and the Rocky Lane

The high priestess has visited us along with the Rocky Lane.

We have fed them lentil soup and she has given us probiotics.

They walked for miles on Pacific Ocean sands over the great dune

And into the land of the Pelicans and fair beaches with dorry boats.

Almost lost to us, with messages sent on a dying cell phone,

They were found across the street eating pizza and talking health 

Issues with the wait person who had complaints about medical care.

And their greatest fan, their happiest adorer, wagged her tail upon their return

Ready to sponge up unending love lavished on her for hours.

We taught them hand-and-foot and the Angel in her great power

Stomped us, but the Rocky Lane in her humility, let us win.

We welcomed the Angel and the Rocky with open hearts and

Longing for lost cousins, First and Second, longing relieved only for a few days.

Our love magnified by their presence and their love in return.

But now we must part, they seeking a campground to walk into

with the cart that takes up the back of their Honda Pilot

And we in our electric Volt returning to great grandchildren

and volunteer work with Meals-On-Wheels.

But we are bonded now.

The HIgh Priestess, the Angel of the Burn and Rocky Lane the unburned

leave behind holy artifacts to prepare the virgin 73 old burner-to-be

(1) Bunny ears for the Million Bunny March (for men) at the burn.

(2)  The breathing mask to filter out the desert dust (and any unkind words?)

(3) and Thingys that attach to the bicycle’s air valve and turn off and on in the dark as you ride.

Goodbye and God speed, return safely to your California Home,

But know you have a new home on the Oregon Coast.

We love you both.

Thanks for coming.

– Small town Boy


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