First cousin once removed 

FIRST cousin is my fav cousin

Even more so since I’ve seen her in action:

Loving, cooking, walking, talking, planning, et al.

But look who came with her:

Not my first cousin , nor my second

But my first cousin once removed,

But a first cousin none the less,

Sort of.

Anyway the “once removed” part

In no way denigrates her status in my eyes.

My wife points out that I change who the big Angel is in this tattoo on my wrist:

Sometimes my wife

Sometimes my FIRST cousin

Sometimes my daughter Ashley

And so suggests I say it represents many people.

Well now it appears that the little angel also shifts its nature and persons.

Sometimes my great granddaughter Angel

Sometimes my great grandson Abel

And sometimes my first cousin once removed.

Angels can do that, yes it is so.

I love you all and ask my angels to watch over you and keep you safe.


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