When was the last time you felt love?

I mean FELT it.

The heat, the hunger, the adrenalin?

Take a moment, I’ll wait.

Do you recall the feeling? 

Can you remember who you were with?

When is it coming again, that unplanned hit

Of high octane, high jolt, high shudder 

To the pit of your stomach and the depth of your bowels?

You can’t really plan for it, you can’t anticipate, you can’t predict.

Just be calm, quiet, at peace,

And then WHAM!

While you’ve got it be receptive, be open, be responsive. 

Watch, monitor, accept what you have been given, and then deal with it

Deal with the great loss when it goes, the emptiness, the confusion.

And try to grow from the experience. 

I know you don’t understand, these are feelings we’re talking about, so feel them, welcome them and remember, till next time.

There will be a next time.

It will happen again.

I love you.

Lloyd The Great 


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