Naked Giants at work

Maybe you think naked Giants don’t go to work.

Well you would be wrong.

The naked Giants have a giant job to do in the Northwest.

The naked Giants are charged with cleaning the chimneys.

The volcanic chimneys.

Yesterday they were helping the family near Bend.

The three Sisters, Bachelor, husband and broken top.

The volcanoes are tall and that requires the naked Giants to stand one on top of the other

And to use giant sequoias from California to scrub out the ash.

Washington, Jefferson, and Mt Hood are next on their schedule.

Then on to St Helens, Adams, and Ranier.

Each mountain the same, lift the Snow White lid,

Shove the Giant Sequoia brush deep down the throat, scrub up and down,

And then, slowly, pull it out being careful not to cover the volcano in ash.

If the giant sequoia has caught fire, pee on it to extinguish the flames and continue.

I don’t know who they work for, maybe the BGM, Bureau of Giant Management.



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