Naked Giant Dreams

Naked Giants have enormouse dreams.

They dream of Very large elephants, abnormally large.

And parties, humongous Balls are their favorite,

Where everyone is in costume. The Naked Giants wear no  costumes,

They’re committed nudists, naked wherever they go, except Corvallis where they are required by law to dress if they go out in public.

Once they dreamed of  great disasters, major nightmares, you know.

Like when Godzilla or Mothra attacked Japan,

Or King Kong on the Empire State Building.

But the best dreams are wet dreams.

Laying in the meadow in a spring rain,

Or showering together in Bridal Veil Falls,

Or soaking in Brietenbush hot springs. These are the important

and therapeutic dreams they tell their psychoanalyst about on Thursdays.

The best ever dream was about when all of Portland had a garage sale at the same time.  They kept going here and there trying to find the best prices and the best stuff for their home.

Small Town Boy

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