Naked Giant babies.

Now it’s 17 months later, the gestation period for naked giant babies,

And Gwen delivers without complication, because she is a naked giant.

However, the litter is a little larger than expected. 

Sixteen babies were born to to the happy naked giant parents.

Sixteen babies: two sets of triplets, two sets of twins and one set of quintuplets. In each set there was a mixture of girls and boys.

Naked Giants prefer neither boys nor girls over the other. All are welcomed and loved.

Garth was busy building bunk cribs. Two sets of three tall, two sets of two tall, and one five tall. Height was not a problem for the naked Giants, but each bed was quite long and extendable, as the child matured into full height by age eight.

Naming was a problem as they had only twelve names chosen, which left four children unnamed. As was the practice, Gwen named all the girls and Garth named the boys. The left over children were numbered one through four.

Girls names were: Rose, Petunia, Pansy, Max (short for Maxine), Petunia (again because they really liked that name, and the girls were twins) and Iris. Boys names were Hammerhead, Great White (nicknamed GW), Orca, Mako, Porbeagle, Ticklefin and Tiger. The genders of the numbered children was not mentioned.

As the feared mothers showed up. Gwen’s mother Gertrude from the south of France and Garths mother Ingrid from Irkutsk came in force, well knowing the difficulties of raising so many babies.

Fortunately for all the parents and grandparents young naked Giants left home promptly on their eighth birthday. Some already mated with a sibling of the same or opposite sex.

-Small town boy


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