SOAK  (Portland Regional Burning Man) Video

On Saturday afternoon I sat in a lawn chair in the upper meadow

Watching and waiting.

I Ching had repeatedly told me not to push it

But wait and it will come to you and be better than you could have imagined.

While I watched a group tent about a hundred yards away (about one football field)

A young bare breasted woman with a red sarong came to my attention.

I sat still and waited.

After about fifteen minutes she looked up at me on the top of the hill

Sitting alone in my lawn chair watching her .

She began walking in my direction, her big boyfriend following close behind.

I’m, like, going “wait for it”, wait and she will come by herself with no encouragement from me.

When she did arrive she introduced herself and offered a hug.

I stood to receive the hug and it went on and on and on. She said “Here, we give good long hugs. Wait, it’s not over yet.”

Her boyfriend, as big as a bear with a full beard then said he had a hug for me too and then he would pop my back two times.

And so he did. Two times: once with my arms over my head, and once with my arms around my torso.

We chatted a while and they pointed out their teepee and invited me over anytime.

Thank you Jesus for such warm hearted open people

Who inhabited SOAK Memorial day weekend.

I’m Lliyd The Great and I’m 73 years old and this was my first SOAK. 

I will be 74 in August when I go to my first Burning Man. I went ‘virtually’ two years ago and fell in love with the ten principles. 

I went ‘ virtually’ with my cousin. She says I’m the only person she knows who went ‘virtually’ and came home with a real tattoo (of the ten principles),


PS most of the men, like I did, wore Utili-Kilts!

– Small Town Boy


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