The Happy Family

Gwen and Garth proudly march their children to Naked Giant Church of the Great Spirit.

Every eye follows as the tribe descends on the huge church in the forest of the Tygh Valley.

Gwen has sacred thoughts of her childhood and proud moments as she leads her brood.

If Garth had had buttons they would have been popping as he showed all his manly prowess at procreation.

Each of the children as though members of a naked giant pack or clan carried their heads high

with no immodesty about being naked, for they too were naked giants, a proud race.

The had to stand when the entered the sacred copse since there were no chairs or pews

and they raised a glad song to the heavens in thanks for their great fortune being naked giants.

They said loud amens, and hallelujahs, and praise be to show that thier spirituality was giant too

and naked of any false trappings or rituals that might hide souls from God elsewhere.

It was good to be Naked Giants.

– Small Town Boy


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