Try as they might, they couldn’t get close enough to the naked giant to see what he was up to.

Then Scott, one of the barnstormers  from the circus volunteered to fly his biplane

To the naked Giants shoulder to get a birds eye view of what was going on.

Everyone agreed that though it held hidden dangers, the idea was sound.

So Scott refueled his biplane and headed up into the clouds looking for the naked Giants shoulder, which all agreed was the best place to try a landing.

But the buzz of the engine in the tiny plane was nearly it’s undoing.

As soon as the naked giant heard the buzzing he started slapping at it, causing turbulence.

Right at the last moment the clouds cleared and Scott saw the shoulder he wished to land on, and down he went.

Scott could see no trouble from his high perch, but he did notice that the naked giant had lots of wax buildup in his ear.

Scott flew back to the ground for earwax candles to remove the earwax from the naked Giants ear canals.

First they lit the candle on the left side and removed tons of smelly earwax, and then the same for the right side.

The naked giant was so happy to hear what was going on that he sang a song: Oh Happy Day!

Everyone was happy. And Scott received a medal for helping the naked giant and the community.


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