Will you be kind?

Don’t answer right away, think about it.

I know you believe you would, but sometimes,

When you are rushed, or angry, or in a hurry,

Sometimes, you might be unkind? Hurtful?

Who hasn’t, right? Often it is at these times

Our patience is insufficient to prevent a word

Or a misdirected action from causing a piercing injury

Creating a scar that lasts forever.

I know you try not to let it happen 

But we’re only human, right?

So, here’s the deal: be honest and seek


Being honest and seeking forgiveness for the little slights is as important as it is for bigger hurts.

For you.

You should notice,

You should say sorry,

You should forgive


Because you may then notice next time before you act.

I love you. I’m sorry. I forgive.

Small Town Boy


One thought on “Will you be kind?

  1. Good post. Even Mother Teresa had moments where she felt she could not be the person God wanted her to be. I try to be kind, but fail sometimes. You are so correct on feeling sorry for your transgressions and asking for forgiveness.


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