The garden

The garden is planted in boxes

That look like a New Orleans  cemetery,

Or one I saw in Managua, Nicaragua,

Ready for corpses, or effigies, or headstones.

This is where we will bury our skeletons,

Things we want no one else to know.

(Sorry, I can’t even tell you what.)

But the question is which vegetable will thrive best on secrets?

Potatoes have eyes but no ears or tongue

To share secrets buried in their mounds.

Tomatoes are notoriously slutty 

But can keep a secret till Hell freezes over.

Broccoli and colliflower are in separate boxes, 

For while broccoli is green and secure,

Colliflower is white and has a loose tongue.

My fav is the sedalias and Walla Wallas

Who mostly keep hidden under the dirt and silent.

(We planted them because our granddaughter loves them

And had a big one in the toe of her Christmas stocking.)

So that leaves the rest of the veggies, who individually can’t be trusted,

But are, as a group, secretive.

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